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Sorrento food  

Sorrento food paradise

Your Sorrento travel will include for sure some Sorrento food and dining out. There are a few expensive restaurants, and quite a few inexpensive ones, but most of them land squarely in the middle in terms of price, choice and good food quality.

You’ll notice when Sorrento food & dining that nearly every restaurant devotes at least a section of the menu to local fares. Whether you choose to do Sorrento food & dining at a hotel or a local restaurant, there are some dishes it seems you can get everywhere.

International cuisine is also well represented, since the Sorrento food is a popular tourist request.


food ads

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Sorrento food advices

It’s advisable that any visitors to Sorrento become familiar with the most popular local food, which can be quite unusual. When Sorrento food & dining, it’s easy to mistakenly order some food or drink which you know nothing about and don’t find entirely appealing simply because the locals are so enthusiastic about it.

On the other hand, once you’re familiar with the basics of Sorrento food, Sorrento dining becomes easy, no matter where you are.

Finding a place with ambiance it’s quite easy, since most restaurants have a unique local color, but you can also find places with a more international look.



Other about Sorrento  

Sorrento food - always to remember

Simple and tasty dishes created with the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean cooking, generally locally produced, characterise the typical cooking of Sorrento Peninsula. The Mediterranean diet is acknowledged everywhere like the most wholesome, natural and complete diet. It varies from the typical fish menus of the coast areas to the robust cooking of the extensive internal areas. Oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and spices are the basic ingredients of rich dishes like "cannelloni" (once called "strascinate"), "gnocchi", pasta with beans, stuffed pepper (in dialect called "mbuttunat") or of delicate dishes, such as "caprese" salad (tomatoes and mozzarella), pasta with courgettes, pickled anchovies, "parmigiana" of aubergines (fried aubergines with tomato sauce and cheese). Typical Italian food is assumed to be simply just pasta and pizza, and it goes without saying they did originate from Italy and are extremely popular over there; however Italian food has a wide range of variety. In Sorrento, the cuisine is simple yet enriched with flavours, specialities here include the popular starter "antipasto", The antipasto usually consists of soup or salad followed by the main meal which is usually fish or meat accompanied by vegetables. All this is enjoyed with a chilled glass of wine, a favourite tipple for the Italians for many years. Sorrento and Amalfi cuisine is strongly linked to the produce that grows in this fertile land. The wonderful climate is perfect for the cultivation of citrus fruits, oranges and lemons, olives and vines, which together paint a characteristic landscape. Even the sea, which washes the coast of the peninsula, is particularly generous. Fish and crustaceans are the star attractions, and are used by local chefs to prepare delicious dishes: lobster boiled on its own or cooked with tomatoes, octopus casserole, shrimp sautéed or fried lightly in breadcrumbs, spider crab soup. Let's not forget the famous gnocchi alla sorrentina, made with tomato sauce, basil and mouth-watering fiordilatte mozzarella, which, in Sorrento, is braided. All dishes are neatly finished off with a dash of the characteristically sweet-tasting extra virgin olive oil, produced from olives grown in this area. In Sorrento restaurants and in Amalfi Coast restaurants you will fine wines ranging from rosso Sorrento to Gragnano, all of which are produced from vines cultivated in the many terraced vineyards of the region.



Sorrento Vacations site

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